What Are The Advantages of Drones?

What Are Advantages of Drones

There are many possibilities with drones. One of the advantages of drones is that they can deliver blood within a short time, rescue people, get to inaccessible places and much more. They are even more environmentally friendly than helicopters or ambulances. Also, drones make it possible to deliver relief supplies and other supplies to peripheral areas.

Economically, the advent of these flying objects has created new jobs for small inventors. It should also be mentioned that drones are complements for satellites but much more practical, especially when taking pictures.

The civil drone also contributes to the safety of society in general since it is possible to use this new invention to prepare and manage any fires. Civilian drones are increasingly used to reach hard-to-reach areas such as places considered dangerous or flooded villages. So let’s see all the advantages that drones have:

The Advantages of Drones

  • They are cheap and affordable
  • They are easy and fun to use
  • Drones can enforce security and surveillance
  • Drones can be used in agriculture
  • Possibility to deliver packages
  • They can make 3D maps
  • Drones can Survey dangerous places
  • They can save lives
  • Possibility to take aerial view photography
  • Drones can capture incredible sport moments

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Main Advantages of Drones For Useful Purposes

The Pros of Drones

1. The Drones in Agriculture

The agricultural sector is starting to move towards robotics in general. With multi spectral cameras, the drone can fly over crops and determine indices that greatly facilitate the work of farmers: vegetation index, fertilizer index, irrigation index. These, georeferenced on a screen, then allow the farm machinery operator to water or even deposit the fertilizer optimally.

The counting of nocturnal animals in game reserves is another example of the application of the drone equipped with a thermal camera. In California, the Drones and Good insertion program recruits veterans of the US Army ‘s sidelined to train them in drone driving.

They then manage drones equipped with sensors to analyze agricultural parcels. This work reduces by 25% the water consumption intended for watering the grounds.

2. The Inspection Drones

Inspection missions for industrial works, power lines and pipelines are increasingly being carried out by drones. With a thermal camera, for example, the drone detects energy leaks on buildings, roofs.

On the other hand, the inspection missions require to know how to use specific software of image processing. Companies such as SNCF, ERDF, Bouygues or Eiffage are creating departments specifically dedicated to drone applications. Things like this will play an even bigger role in the future.

3. The Price

Drones are very affordable today on the market and can be found at any price from $100 to as high as $1000 and more. There are several categories of drones, but as far as hobby drones are concerned, they are very affordable, have super-quality cameras and are easy to operate.

Some drones are used for professional purposes, so their price is a little more expensive but also justified. Companies that use drones in their businesses have a significantly lower cost than before. Therefore, we can confidently say that price is one of the advantages of drones.

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4. Good at Shooting a Wide Range

Drones are good at shooting a wide range. Even in complicated terrain, a small turn makes it possible to shoot with high accuracy. Since the flight altitude is low, it is less affected by clouds, and it is advantageous to be able to take clear pictures. “It takes 15 minutes to take a single photo, and the same job takes a few days for traditional human surveying,” say professional photographers. Although it is a drone that is vulnerable to rain, it can quickly shoot a wide area, so you can’t overlook the fact that the work can be done quickly by sewing between the weather recovery.

5. 3D Models Can be Done Easily

High-density 3D models can be easily generated by digital processing using mapping software, with high-density point cloud data obtained from continuously captured photographs and position information captured by various sensors.

Because it is digital data, the deliverables can be shared with construction sites, offices, and customers in real time, so it is possible to quickly identify problems in the process and visually identify improvements, leading to improved construction efficiency. In addition, since the courses set in advance can be automatically navigated, it is useful for verifying the construction process so that the same route can be traced repeatedly.

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Drones Have Many Advantages

Oil and Gas Use of Drones

There are many negative reports, but there are many advantages about use of drones. With a drone, you can do things that you couldn’t do before and you can do it quickly, better and inexpensively. For example; if you enter a place where people can not easily enter at a disaster site, etc., take a picture of the situation, or take a picture of a vast construction site and see if the construction is progressing as designed.

At large farms in the United States, if drones are used to check the status of farmland and crops and to spread fertilizers, it is possible to respond quickly and inexpensively. The three major insurance companies approved by the FAA last April are trying to understand the situation quickly and accurately in the event of a disaster and respond to the acceleration of insurance processing.

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Amazon, an e-commerce giant, announced in 2013 that it wanted to deliver products ordered using drones in the future, and that plan is already being implemented. Google and cargo giant DHL have similar plans.

Amazon aims to use a drone to deliver packages within 30 minutes of ordering. If such a service is really possible, there is no doubt that it will be very convenient for users. There are many other benefits to using inexpensive drones.

When a new technology occurs, there are many positive aspects and few problems. However, just because there are few problems, it is wasteful to suppress its use simply by regulation, and there is no growth of human society. There is a need for people’s wisdom to make drone problems safer and more effective with more advanced technology and appropriate rules.

What Are the Advantages of Drone Evolution?

In the last few years, there is no day without listening to the topic of drones. There is a strong interest in when Amazon will start delivering packages with drones, and drone demonstrations have begun around the world.

The situation of fields, rivers, coastlines, construction sites, mines, etc., maintenance of buildings, bridges, large wind power generators, etc. are extremely easy, and of course they can also be used for spraying agricultural chemicals.

However, there are still many challenges for drones. The cruising range is short, it is difficult to fly autonomously, it is difficult to reach the destination unless it is autonomous flying, it is easy to crash, and heavy luggage cannot be carried.

When flying from a distribution center such as Amazon, the distance is too long, so there is also a movement to load a lot of luggage and drones on a large truck and then fly one after another to cover the last mile. In the data network, how to cover the last one mile has long been a challenge. It ’s a very interesting story that a drone might solve the last mile of logistics.

I think the evolution of autonomous flight systems will reduce the number of crashes, but I still don’t know what will happen due to malfunctions or gusts. As long as you are flying, the risk of accidents will not go away for the time being.

The point of being unable to carry heavy loads is not easy to improve, so for the time being it seems to be specialized in lightweight items. In that sense, the combination with robot taxis is likely to be the key.

  • The drone allows you to carry things to your destination in a straight line. It is highly expected to transport blood and pharmaceuticals when roads are blocked by disasters such as earthquakes.
  • Lightweight items can be transported regardless of road congestion. Time can be read and logistics costs are likely to decrease.

There Are so Many Benefits to Drone Surveying

The “Public Survey Manual (draft) using UAV” (drafted in 2017) compiled by the hospital stipulates the performance of digital cameras to be used next.

  1. Focal length, exposure time, aperture, ISO sensitivity can be set manually
  2. The automatic processing function that adjusts the focal distance of the lens and corrects lens blurring can be canceled.
  3. Information such as focal length and exposure time can be confirmed
  4. Ensuring sufficient recording capacity
  5. Information on the image sensor size and the number of recorded pixels can be confirmed. The standard digital camera lens used for shooting is a single-focus lens, and recorded images are recorded in uncompressed format as standard.

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Jobs are Done Much Faster and Cheaper

10 Ways Drones Will Be Used In Future

Drones with advanced features are available at an affordable price, and drone surveying costs tend to be reduced. The background is the expansion of global demand. And drones today have very advanced technical capabilities.

Drone surveying, where 3D data can be easily obtained, is extremely advantageous in promoting worldwide business because information can be shared without being aware of distance using mobile devices and the cloud. Therefore, what aircraft used to do today is made by drones, much better, much faster and cheaper.

An Improvement of Plant Inputs by Using Drones

The drone can be used for many purposes in the agricultural field. With its multiple sensors, it accurately records a multitude of geo-referenced images unlike the satellite.

Indeed, its low altitude flight allows it to not be disturbed by clouds in the scan of the area overflown. Thus, it is easier for a drone to accurately give an estimate of biomass or the percentage of chlorophyll.

Excellent aerial laboratory, drone data can be analyzed in order to provide an adequate solution to diseases that crops suffer. Indeed, the imagery made by the drone of the agricultural zone overflown will certainly indicate the sectors of the agricultural zone where the plants lack of inputs to grow well or of adequate care to resist the diseases. Thus, it will be possible to give specific input doses to each sector of the culture zone to boost crop yields.

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Drones in Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is a strategy that has been used in the past. It was always repaired when defects and wear showed during maintenance or when machines and equipment failed due to defects. Although reactive maintenance has been shown to add cost and repair costs, it is still used today in many areas.

The use of a drone such as the ELIOS flyability can, at least in part, improve reactive maintenance: the ELIOS can approach hard-to-reach areas in the shortest possible time and provide reliable data. This saves time and costs for the construction of scaffolding and accelerates maintenance processes, thus keeping plant downtimes short. Incidentally, we also offer an emergency service for drone missions.

Drones in Sport (FPV racing)

If you haven’t heard, there is something called drone racing. FPV stands for First Person View and means the flying of a drone while using an FPV headset, with the help of a mounted on the drone camera, the live image of the flight can be tracked. In the so-called FPV racing, the pilots control their racing drones through an obstacle course.

The goal is to fly through the course quickly and without errors. Due to their compact size, the fast acceleration and response time as well as the maneuverability of quadrocopters, these are particularly suitable for the racing discipline.

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