Drone Tech Planet Affiliate Disclosure

At Drone Tech Planet, we value transparency on the web, so we want to let you know that we’ve included some products and links on this site that will earn us a small amount if you decide to buy something (this is called affiliate commission). Our main goal with Drone Tech Planet is to inform, teach, and inspire you with all things drone related, but please know we run this as a business that makes money.

To keep things easy to understand, anytime you click on a link that takes you to products or services, it’s a special link that can earn us a little commission if you decide to buy something. But don’t worry, we only suggest products or services that we have tried ourselves or believe would be really useful for our readers. We’re all about giving you real value and would never risk our trustworthiness for some extra profit.

If you have any questions about our affiliations or how we earn money by using the affiliate links, feel free to contact us.

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