What Is Drone Light Show? Drone Display

What Is Drone Light Show Drone Display

If you’ve been to any festivals or an open ceremony, you might have noticed something strange in the air that looks like fireworks, but it’s not! Its hundreds of small synchronized drones that make one perfect show. In the air various inscriptions or an animated stories are glowing in the perfect order. It’s the Drone Light Show! Up to 500 or even more drones can take part in this amazing animation, which fly in synchrony and create an interesting, mind blowing story that you cannot remain indifferent to.

What Actually is Drone Light Show? A Drone Light Show (or Drone Display) is a set of multiple synchronized drones (UAVs), in most cases quadcopters, which are programmed to fly in a coordinated direction, using drone software and thus creating a interesting story for public display.

How Drone Light Show Is Made?

Well, you’ve decided to make a drone show or you are interested how drone light show is made? Awesome! I’ll explain to you on how a drone light show is made by drone show software! It all starts with preparing the drone choreography animation using any 3D animation software. Believe it or not, there are no limits for animation. Drones can create virtually any figure in 3 dimensions. They can even carry fireworks or smoke generators on board. When it comes to speed and distance, drones are tested once the animation is created to make sure there’s no collision risk, so drones can reach the required speed. Once the animation is created you can use drone show software to run a virtual test without damaging drones. Many companies use so-called software in the loop virtual environment simulating real-life drone behavior. This helps check if the protected takeoff and landing positions of drones are okay. All formations are as planned, lights work as expected and the show faces the proper direction. When the projected show position is clear, you can ensure spectators safety by limiting drone flying zones using a cylinder or polygon fence. Drone show software helps with the hardest part.

How And When Drone Light Show Began?

Drone Light Show Future

On November 4, 2016, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich demonstrated 500 drones at the same time and formed a light show at the Tmall “Double 11” Global Innovation Ecology Summit. In CES 2016, Intel successfully tested a formation of 100 drones. He also won the King ’s World Record on the spot. After that, Intel employees also successfully flew in Germany and Australia. In September 2016, Wanda also flew 101 drones to break this world record at the drone music evening held in Chongqing. In less than a year, Intel has tripled this record. The 500 drones all use Intel ’s new drone model, Intel® Shooting Star ™. This drone will be widely used in the fields of arts, entertainment and light shows to solve complex evening entertainment tasks. After all, although fireworks shows are good-looking, they also have shortcomings such as air pollution, noise pollution, and safety concerns.

What Type of Drones Are Used For Light Show?

Drone light shows do not use classic drones such as the DJI Phantom or similar drones, but specially designed drones.  Intel, the leader in this industry, created his own drones. The Intel® Shooting Star™ drone has a soft body frame, a flexible foam and screw-free design, weighs only 280 grams, and is lighter than a volleyball. In addition, the propeller of this quadcopter is equipped with a protective cover, which is designed to ensure flight safety when drone. In terms of operation, the device can be easily programmed, assembled and operated, and is waterproof and splash-proof, and can fly normally in light rain.

How Drone Animation Is Made For Light Show ?

For example; Intel® Shooting Star™ drones have built-in LED lights that create 4 billion color combinations based on the RGBW (red, green, blue, white) sub-pixel spectrum. With improved software and animated interfaces, creating a light show takes days, not weeks or months. Intel’s algorithm can automatically handle the animation process and plan the fastest path to create aerial patterns-all it takes is a picture, quickly calculating the number of drones needed, and determining where to place the drones. Until then, animators would take longer to complete these calculations manually.

The drone’s built-in light show software will conduct a complete fleet inspection before each flight, and can select the most suitable drone for each flight based on factors such as battery life and GPS reception. In addition, the entire Intel Shooting Star drone fleet can be easily controlled by a computer, which means that there is only one person watching the “fireworks show”. The size of the formation flight depends on the required animation effects, and the number of drones used can range from hundreds to even more.

Christmas Drone Light Show

What’s The Future For Drone Light Show?

In the past 3 years, the drone performance that Intel has frequently appeared in front of the public is actually a demonstration of the military strength of the transformation achievements. Hundreds of drones, integrated with Intel’s chips and software, can be controlled by only one computer, and even in indoor venues with poor GPS signals, it can ensure that none of drones can collide or get out of line. The company is even developing an unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly in the sky like a helicopter.

Although it can’t be said that the transformation is successful, at least in terms of numbers, Intel last year increased the company’s non-PC related revenue to 48% of the total revenue, an absolute amount of 1.05 million, and 2.3 times that of 6 years ago.

The drone performance in just a few minutes shows its transformation direction and also shows the public why Wall Street is willing to support it. After Intel announced the reorganization, the stock price has risen by about 70%, which has outperformed the Nasdaq broad market. From TSMC, stand back to the throne of global semiconductor companies with the largest market value.

At present, Intel’s new business, although it also cooperates with industrial computer factories in Taiwan, and server makers such as Quanta and Wistron, but the degree of interdependence with Taiwan’s industrial chain is not comparable to the PC era.

While Intel turned gorgeously, we look forward to the Taiwan electronics industry, which had relied on the breath of “WINTEL” (Intel plus Microsoft), to successfully transform and release its own fireworks in the night sky.

300 Drone Aerial Light Show in Taiwan

This year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Pingtung. The highlight of Facebook’s crazy spread was a drone show designed by Intel, a semiconductor factory. Along with music, lights, and water dancing, 300 drones slowly changed on the night sky of Pingtung Dapeng Bay, and arranged the patterns with local characteristics such as Pingtung, Taiwan, and Eluanbi Lighthouse and Black Catfish.

You may not know that these 300 drones need only a computer to control, and behind them, there is actually a transformational plan of a leader in Taiwan’s electronics industry. This is not the first drone show from Intel.

In the past, U.S. football super cups, the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) have seen the company’s drones hovering in the sky. Although the company that sells computer chips has always advertised the “Intel Inside” brand, it has never done such fancy marketing.

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Intel Becomes a Leader in the Drone Light Show

Drone Light Show Preparing

To say how much Intel has accumulated in drone technology, it is better to calculate how many drone companies this company has cooperated, acquired and invested in the past two years.

  • In September 2014, Intel partnered with U.S. drone company 3D Robotics to use its self-developed Edison chip as a smart control board for drones on 3DR autopilots, the size of a stamp.
  • In November 2014, Intel invested $ 10 million in PrecisionHawk, which provides air path calculation and data evaluation solutions for drones.
  • In May 2015, Intel invested in Airware, focusing on commercial drone development platforms. In August 2015, Intel invested more than $ 60 million in Chinese drone maker Yuneec. Its technology involves aircraft, motor and electric speed control systems, flight control software, cameras and gimbals, audio and video transmission, ground stations and other fields. Its products include electric manned aircraft, small aerial photography drones, sports cameras and personal electric propulsion equipment Such as electric skateboards).
  • In January 2016, Intel acquired AscTec, the world’s four largest drone manufacturers. Since the beginning of this year, Intel has released drone products with the main direction of night entertainment light shows such as the “Firework Show”. PrecisionHawk’s aerial computing path solution has contributed to this. However, compared with the immaturity of the consumer market, it has to be said that specific commercial scenarios such as the fireworks show fully utilize Intel’s computing power and are full of gimmicks.

Light Show With 500 Drones: Tokyo Motor Show 2019

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, “FUTURE DRONE ENTERTAINMENT Intel Drone Light Show”  was held by 500 Intel Shooting Star Drones at the dream bridge connecting the Aomi area and the Ariake area.

The title of this drone light show, “CONTACT,” is composed of the image of traveling to outer space. Directed by Kenji Kobashi, who worked on the world-class dance music festival “ULTRA JAPAN” and the future fireworks entertainment “STAR ISLAND”, is the creative director. Not only drones, but also vivid productions with 3D surround and lasers, and with the addition of images, you can see beautiful scenes where everything is in harmony.

Using Drones For Advertising – Future Use

You don’t like advertising? Do you have a drone phobia ? Then you will love the idea of  Kyu Seok Lee . The latter is a designer and he developed the ARON concept. ARON is a drone that looks like a fidget spinner and which integrates, in addition to its ability to fly, a rather surprising characteristic:  3 small projectors fixed at its 3 ends capable of projecting a holographic image which gives the illusion of floating in the air.

You have understood the objective of this invention: to create the future of billboards that come directly before your eyes instead of staying wisely in their corner. We walk quietly in the street and there, HOP, an ad appears in front of us, with the help of a drone . Well obviously, even if it could be doable today, you would have to be crazy to bet on this kind of practice … except maybe for an ephemeral marketing operation .

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