FPV Equipment: Goggles, Monitors, Transmitters & Cameras

FPV Equipment Goggles, Monitors, Transmitters & Cameras

FPV (First Person View) goggles are the perfect way to get started with drones. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive. Just strap them on your face, put in some batteries, and start flying! With an HD screen that’s as big as your field of vision, it feels like you’re actually inside the quadcopter.

The experience is so immersive that many people say they feel like they’re actually flying inside the drone!

Flying FPV was difficult to do until recently when companies started investing more into this type of technology as it became lucrative for them. Now there are many new players that are entering the market and they are offering fantastic products at competitive prices!

For those who want to see the latest FPV Goggles, I wrote an amazing article about the best models on the market “10 Best FPV Drone Goggles in 2021”. Now that we have explained what can be done with FPV, let’s take a look at the FPV equipment that is available on the market.

FPV Equipment – The Parts

If you already have an FPV equipped drone then all that you need is a quality set of goggles and some batteries. Sometimes these kits come together but other times individual pieces will be required depending on how much money an individual wants to invest into their hobby or job.

If your drone is not equipment with FPV parts then you need to purchase them separately. The following parts are:

  • FPV Goggles
  • FPV Camera
  • Monitor
  • Antenna
  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • FPV Kits

FPV Goggles – What to Look For?

When you are looking to buy some FPV Goggles, there are many options such as adjustable IPD and digital head tracking models. These features will give you a terrific experience with your purchase that is well worth the cost!

Needless to say, considering some of these factors when shopping for an FPV Goggle can be very helpful in deciding which one might work best. One thing every buyer should look at before buying their new set of goggles is what specifications they actually need.

For example, if FPV Goggles have SVGA or FWVG resolution and if it has glass optics or not- this way they’ll know how much money would be suitable for them based on what exactly we’re saving up for.

Make sure that the Field of View (FOV) is at least 30% when you look for FPV Goggles. Attention should also be paid to Interpupillary Distance (IPD).

Interpupillary distance determines the optimal viewing angle when wearing FPV Goggles. IPD should be adjusted to match your eye spacing, which can vary anywhere from 65mm for people with really close-set eyes to 130 mm for those who have a wider space between their pupils.

Adjustable lenses are best because they allow you to adjust them on the fly and find one that accommodates both of your pupil sizes so that no part of an image will fall outside either lens exit pupil- meaning better picture quality!

Pixel resolution is another important thing that you should look for when choosing the FPV Goggles. SVGA and FWVGA are recommended choices when you look for Goggles.

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DJI Goggles

Are you looking for a good pair of FPV Goggles? DJI has got you covered with three different options to choose from, all in their DJI Goggles series. The first one is the original model that’s been around since 2016 and can be used by anyone who wants an immersive FPV experience without any hassle.

For those who want more speed and less lag time between the screen on your smartphone or headset versus what your drone sees, there are also two Racing Edition models available – one for people using iOS devices only (Raceband) and another compatible with both Android and Apple products as well!

Check out the Best FPV Goggles in 2021.

FPV Cameras – How to Choose One?

If you don’t have a quality FPV camera, even the best FPV Goggles won’t help you to get a great experience. Finding the best FPV camera can be difficult with so many brands to choose from. Boscam, Anysun, and Zitrades have some of our best models available on the market that include up to 800 TV Lines (TVL). If you’re interested in adding an FPV camera to your drone then it’s important that you take that as one of the first priorities! Check Out the Best FPV Cameras.

FPV Monitors – What’s Important?

Besides that you have FPV Goggles, there are also FPV monitors that are available and from which you can see what your drone is seeing. These screens match up perfectly with a wide variety of drones and they can be used outdoors! If you want an immersive experience that really gets under your skin without having to wear Goggles then these screens will do it for you every time!

FPV Monitors will give you a great image. The advantage of FPV monitors, as opposed to FPV Goggles, is that everyone around you can see the view from your drone. Check out the Best FPV Monitors.

FPV Kits – Transmitters, Receivers, Antennas

FPV Kits - Transmitters, Receivers, Antennas

There are many benefits of adding an FPV transmitter to your drone. For example, it’s not just about the range and channels that you get with high-quality transmitters; they also provide you with an opportunity for customization by allowing you to buy receivers separately instead of buying them together in one package.

Some brands worth looking into include Boscam, RioRand, and Spektrum. Keep in mind that you can purchase separately FPV transmitters, antennas, and receivers.

To improve your drone’s capabilities, you must get a drone FPV Kit. With one of these kits, you know all the parts are compatible such as transmitters and cameras. It’s by far the easiest option to upgrade or add a camera to your drone by using FPV kits!

Check out the Best FPV Kits.

FPV Drones

FPV drones are becoming increasingly popular. Today there are many drone manufacturers, but the best companies involved in the making of FPV drones are DJI, Yuneec, Walker, and Parrot. Here we have put a video that can bring you a better insight into the FPV World and how to pick the best FPV equipment for you.


FPV technology is the next evolution in drone operation. Drone pilots can feel like they’re soaring through the sky with immersive, first-person viewing Goggles that you can connect wirelessly to your device and offer immense freedom of movement for both hands. In this article, you get a better view of the parts of the FPV system that are essential for every drone. Whether you use Goggles or a FPV Monitor, you get a totally new angle of view. I hope this article helped you and now you know more about it.

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