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In this post I will briefly describe what the core mission of the Drone Tech Planet site is and what our mission is in the near future. This website is dedicated to everything related to drone technology, tutorials, buyer’s guides, latest drone news and product reviews. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, because you will find content for both! Things are moving so fast in the drone world, that the only way to be able to keep up with tomorrow is to get ahead today. Don’t get fooled by ‘experts’ who just got their first drone a year ago! Also, your opinion is important to us, and in order to improve, we would love to hear your thoughts.

“ Drone Tech Planet core mission is to help you get the most out of your present and future drones. To keep you informed about drone news, reviews and most importantly, in flight.”


We’ll cover all details, statistics, and explanations that you won’t find in any other drone blog on the internet. We rely on reliable and verified information to keep our readers up to date. Drones have already replaced over 5% of jobs in the World, and that figure will increase drastically soon. The topics and contents we will base on are the following:

How Do Drones Work And What Is Drone Technology?

You have a drone, but you don’t know how it actually flies? I will try to bring you the simple physics and explain how they can actually fly. A lot of people ask me the science and physics of how drones fly. I don’t know if they’re just making small talk or whether they’re genuinely curious, but lets learn!

The drone is a quadcopter which has 4 rotors that are all connected to individual motors, allowing them to move at different speeds. The two diagonal rotors will rotate clockwise, while the other two diagonal motors will rotate anti-clockwise. Drone thrust must be greater than the weight of the drone, for that drone to take off and actually fly. More details about that topic you have HERE.

Drone History and Today’s Uses

When drones actually hit the market? Some will tell you a drone is a surveillance tool meant to watch over a nation, others might say it’s an innovative gizmo for delivering products. Even more probably will tell you a drone is a lethal ghost hiding in the sky. Would you believe the first unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) was created almost 110 years ago? Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aircrafts with no on-board crew or passengers. 

From the very beginnings these unmanned aircrafts (drones) were originally built for military purposes. If we look today, we can see that drones have found wide range of applications for the civil use in the form of small quadcopters and octocopters. It’s no wonder these machines have captured the curiosity and fear of the world over, but where do these phantoms of the sky come from? To find out the answer to that question, we have to look back 100 years. Drones today have multiple uses ranging from:

  • Making and producing movies
  • For package delivery
  • Geographic mapping of terrain
  • To monitor agriculture
  • For Package delivery
  • To search and rescue people through thermal cameras and sensors
  • For monitoring storms
  • For police purposes
  • Education and training

Future of Delivery by Drones

It’s just a matter of time when Drones have the potential to eliminate the challenges people face every day. One of the main advantages of drone deliveries is speed. Today drones are mostly used for having fun, sports, taking aerial photography or for commercial purposes, but their full potential has not yet been used. A big step forward to use that potential and technology is drone delivery. 

Therefore, drones are not used daily for delivery, but in the near future it could be the primary means of delivery. Just imagine how one day instead of the delivery guy you see a drone hovering above your house with package and is ready to land you a package. Drone production is rapidly growing, and by 2020, worldwide market sales are expected to cross £11.2 billion in drone industry.

Drones in Education

What drones can offer students today is not distraction and fun as many people think, but a rich, imaginative and creative knowledge of what can be done with them, thus awakening their natural curiosity. The advantage of drones in education is a scientifically validated idea that can be presented to these students as a new kind of interesting and creative education and thus be included in the school curriculum.

When students build and fly their own drones, they learn about computer programming, electricity, project management and physics. The second area which is important is the technical and vocational education. Technical vocational education is education that prepares students for work in a specific trade and it’s rooted in apprenticeship and hands-on learning and authentic work environments.

Drones Will Replace Jobs

We can see that drones today are advancing in every area such as planting trees, aiding emergency personnel, doing search-and-rescue and much more. This tell us that drones will not take away jobs, but they will likely transform jobs. This is why drones will transform our jobs, instead of replacing jobs. Even drones have their limitations, so it is hard to expect to replace jobs completely. It is said that drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labor and services across several industries. Tech giants like Amazons, Google, Apple will surely use this technology in the near future to deliver packages, while for other big companies drones will improve  security, better monitoring of objects,

shooting Hollywood movies, and much much more, allow telecommunication firms to easily check on their towers, and give mining companies a new way to plan their digs. But this is just a part of what is waiting for us, because we are just entering the age of drones. It takes a few more things to improve to experience the bug boom in the drone industry. You can see the results on the attached picture on the right.

Want to Know Everything About the Drone World?

Technology has evolved so much over the last few years that the potential of drones is almost endless, and its future is guaranteed. Drones will be found in almost every market and will be key players to use and troubleshoot. If you are interested in tracking all this and finding out the latest information in the drone world, you can find it right here at: Drone Tech Planet

You can also follow us on our YouTube channel and watch the latest video related to this technology on Drone Tech Planet YT

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