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Mario Poljak is a well-known internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Drone Tech Planet. His sites have been viewed millions of times. If you want to know more about Mario and how he developed a passion for drones, read two separate chapters below where he talks about his work story and about his personal story. Contact Me


In 2013, I graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Osijek, Croatia. I got the title of Master of Electrical Engineering and got a job at an energy company. During my studies, I was involved in various science and computer programs where I learned a lot about electronics, programming and how to repair broken devices. I have been doing all these things since I was the least of my age, having seen my father do it myself, and so he dragged me into this world and created a love for it. During high school, I had a project where we had to make a drone out of the parts that were available to us. So from an early age, I gained some knowledge of how drones work.

I got my first drone for Christmas 2012. It was a Parrot AR Drone. At the time, it was the best model on the market, until 1M 2013 when the DJI Phantom (currently the most popular drone in the world) appeared. Having a drone at the time was an invaluable experience and happiness. Laws on the use of the drone in my country did not even exist yet, and I used it freely anytime, anywhere, but again carefully and to the point of not hurting anyone. During that time, I learned a lot about drones, and participated in some of the largest drone fairs in the world, such as: CES Las Vegas, AMA Expo East in New Jersy, Drone Days in Belgium and InterDrone Event in Las Vegas. Attending these events prompted me to decide in 2016 to enroll and take the exam, for a licensed drone pilot.

So in 2017, I decided and set out to completely launch myself into the drone world and I made DroneTechPlanet. All of my knowledge that I have gained through education, experience and event is shared in this blog. My goal is to create the highest quality drones site that will not only help people better understand drones, but also intrigue them to join this world.

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In terms of my personal life, I can say that I am a normal 30-year-old sportsman, passionate about technology and full of curiosity. My sports career started with football and then ended in gymnastics with karate and wrestling. Gymnastics was a sport that won me over for the first time and I dedicated my time and passion to it passionately. After many years of training, I even went to professional gymnasts where I competed and went to national and European championships. Unfortunately due to frequent injuries I did not get the results I had hoped for. Also as a kid, I cultivated a love for technology and how it all works, which later led me to enroll in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

I live in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. I work at a company where I got a job after graduating from college, and I look at it as a temporary position in my life, while also collecting the experiences I need for other things. What I see as my future passion and love is further refinement in the branches that interest me, and one of those branches is the Drones. My goal is to devote myself fully to drones and create a great community because I see great potential in them, which led me to create this site about drones and to share my knowledge that I have acquired and acquire today.

When I’m not writing blog posts, in my spare time, I like to travel, read books about how to succeed in life, what is the meaning of life, and how to make the most of it. I also started running and swimming to break out of the daily stress that keeps me going through the day or the week.

Having been in sports all my life, I also realized that every healthy person needs to be engaged in something in order to be as productive as possible in the things they do in their daily lives. In a healthy body, there is also a healthy spirit. So I can say from my example that being more active in sports gives me productivity and makes it easier to do other things in life.

When I was a boy, I made a list of 30 things I thought I’d accomplish in my life. Originally, I didn’t pay attention to it because these things seemed pretty unrealistic to me to accomplish, but over time I realized that I really had the potential to accomplish them if I tried hard. One of those things was to be independent of anyone, and do the work I love. Being able to open a drone blog and start writing is one of the paths that lead me to this end. Out of all these 30 things I have listed, there are only a few that I have not accomplished, and it is a matter of time before they will be accomplished. One of the wishes on this list is to get married, which unfortunately I have not managed yet, because I was too busy with material things and making my career.

I love learning new things and looking for challenges in my daily life. I also like to try new things, mostly adrenaline ones, because they know how to divert me to new things in life. All these things and the path I described made me as human as I am today, and I am grateful for that.

That’s me!

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